The Seven Under Allah’s Shade

Islam Contributor

Abu Hurairah (R)narrated that, The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: Allah will give His shade to seven people on the day when there will be no shadow except His shade. (They are) the righteous king, the young man whose youth is spent in the worship of Allah, the man whose heart is attached to the mosque, the two people who establish friendship and love for the sake of gaining Allah’s pleasure; Those who meet on this love and are separated (die) on this love. The one who is called by a beautiful woman (for the purpose of adultery), but he says, ‘I fear Allah.’ The one who gives to the charity secretly; Even his left hand does not notice what his right hand provides. And he who remembers Allah in solitude; as a result, both his eyes filled with tears.” (Bukhari)

So seven people are mentioned in this hadith:

1. Righteous ruler.

2. That young man is immersed in the worship of Allah from his youth.

3. Whose heart is always attached to the Mosque.

4. Those two person who love each other for the sake of Allah.

5. Resisting direct temptation from the opposite sex.

6. The person who gives alms completely selflessly.

7. One who secretly remembers Allah and weeps.

The seven issues mentioned here can play an important role in our personal and social development.


The first is to keep the fear of Allah alive in the exercise of power. Islam has full guidelines on how an authority should behave. Islam did not give any opportunity for abuse of power. Irresponsibility and lack of taqwa (fear of Allah) for a leader puts the entire nation in trouble. And the awareness and responsibility of the leader brings peace among the entire nation. Pointing to this issue, the first thing that has been said is a righteous ruler.


The second are the youth class whom you will always see in society. This time of youth is really very wonderful. At this time, just as there are many opportunities for people to do good deeds. There is also a lot of sedition in front of them. If the youth of the society obeys the command of Allah then the form of the society will change. That is why the worshiper has been talking about such a great dignity since his youth.


The third are those whose hearts are connected with the house of Allah and the mosque. This class of people try their best to go to the mosque for prayers and find happiness in it. When one prayer is over, he waits for another prayer. They also call on others to enjoy the peace that comes from spending time in the mosque.


The fourth are two people who love each other for the sake of Allah. Their love has no other worldly purpose or need. Such selfless love pleases Allah.


The fifth is someone who is illegally called upon to fulfill sexual desire and he resists it. A person who is able to satisfy his sexual desires in an evil way, but returns from it, his spiritual strength is stronger than his physical strength. And such a person tries hard enough to obey the command of Allah. Allah has prepared Paradise for such people.


The sixth is someone who is so selflessly generous that if he donates with his right hand, his left hand will not even notice it. The purpose of this statement is that he gives so secretly that there is no worldly purpose in his donation. He gives only to please Allah. And it is natural for Allah to love such a selfless person.


Seventh is the person who remembers Allah in solitude and his eyes are filled with tears. It is very easy to show and cry in front of people by obeying the commandments of Allah. But where there is no one in solitude, it is possible for him to weep with the thought of Allah alone in his heart. It means he truly fears Allah. And Allah loves such sincere worshipers