The Story of Hana Altaaba, the Female Muslim Architectural Designer Making Waves in America

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One of the greatest things about Islam is the value that it places on women. Hence, it is no surprise at all that the history of Islam is also one that is full of tales of outstanding women. Today, the focus is going to be on the brilliant Muslimah who goes by the name Hana Altaaba. She is an accomplished architectural designer who is doing great in the United States of America.

A talented mind, she works as a senior architectural designer at Strang, Inc, which is one of the most reputable firms in Madison, Wisconsin. The brand is known as a leader when it comes to interior design, engineering, and integrated architecture. She is deeply involved in the various stages of work, from the drafting to the conceptual design to the preliminary design to the execution, this is one Muslimah who has truly distinguished herself.

As she is an architectural designer, she tries her best to concentrate as much as possible on visualization instead of just blueprints. The firm that she works for has a long history, it was created in Madison in 1935 by Allen Strang and Hamilton Beatty. Since then, it has evolved greatly and grew from strength to strength. So far, this Muslimah has been working with the design firm for five years. She is very experienced and before joining Strang, she already worked for a total of 14 years when she was Bouril Design Studio, also in Madison, and while there, she focused on high-end residential edifices.

She was born and raised by a Muslim family in Palestine. A lover of knowledge, she studied at the University of Jordan in Amman where she bagged a degree in architecture. After her graduation, she worked in the capacity of an architect with Jafar Toukan, which was then the main architecture brand in Jordan. Later, she moved to Iowa, United States where her husband had taken up a job in the IT sector.

A very humble personality, she calls herself a regular working mum. She stated that she did not even have her own office as her children came first. She is very passionate about her job and says one must learn to evolve, remain passionate, and keep learning. Even after decades of experience, she is still learning and says that learning never ends. She is also guiding her children aright while preparing them for the challenges of the future.

Not even the challenges of the industry have stopped her strides. She is also very proud of her Muslim heritage and is never reluctant to wear her badge happily as a Muslimah. She covers her hair at work and shows everyone that her being a Muslimah is in no way a disadvantage to her. She interacts very well with her colleagues and she says everyone knows she is an adherent of the Islamic faith. She said if there is one thing that her colleagues know will never change about her, it is her being a Muslim – such a satisfying statement to hear. May Almighty Allah (SWT) bring ease to the affairs of all Muslims, aameen.

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