The story of Imam Al-Layth Ibn Sa’d Ibn

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His generosity and trust among people made him the Imam of the people of Egypt in jurisprudence and hadith. He stood out from several imams for his high curiosity, strong memorization of Hadith and deep faith in Allah (SWT).

From supporting the poor with money to teaching several sessions for young students, Imam Al-Layth succeeded in attracting respect and love to the extend that he as famous for being the Hafith, Shaykh of Islam, the jusrist and scholar of Egypt, and other prestigious titles.

Al-Layth: His childhood and upbringing

He is Abu al-Harith al-Layth bin Saad bin Abd al-Rahman, born in Qarqashandah – one of the villages of Qalyubia Governorate in Egypt in 713 A.C. However, his origin is from Esfehan, Esfehan (Iran today).

As a student of knowledge and curiosity, Al-layth was keen to receive the religious knowledge from the greatest scholars back then, such as `Ubaydullah Ibn Ja’far, Ja’far Ibn Rabee`ah, Al-Harith Ibn Yazeed, and many more. Since his childhood, he was known for his intelligence and fast learning. In order to seek proper and deep knowledge of Religious affairs, he moved to Hijjaz, Makkah, and Al Madinahh.

Ibn Shihab Az-Zuhari was one of the recognizable scholars that used to write the Prophet’s Hadeeths and from which Al-layth acquired religious knowledge. In addition to this, `Ataa’ Ibn Abi Rabah who was the Mufti and Jurist of Makkah, conducted classes that were attended by Al-layth to study.

The Imam’s teachings

Years later, the Imam Al-Layth became one of the noticeable narrators of Prophet’s Hadeeths and a trustworthy jurist. To start his career as a teacher, he started teaching 4 sessions per day in his mosque for young students that came from different backgrounds and origins. These sessions were combining different discussions such as the practices of Sultans in Egypt, Prophetic Hadeeths , answering religious questions, and helping out those in need.

Al-Layth : His personality features

One of the most prominent qualities that appear in this unique personality is the characteristic of generosity, for with the abundance of his knowledge, jurisprudence and piety, Al-Layth was wealthy but had a kind-hearted that made him generous with the poor. He used to give out charity to three hundred needy people every day. As a form of respect, he used to eat his food only in the company of people.

Al-Safadi said: “And he – that is, Al-Layth – was one of the most generous people. It is said that his income was five thousand dinars every year, and he used to differentiate it in prayer and other things.” Saeed Al-Adam said: “Al-Ala bin Kathir said: Al-Layth bin Saad is our master, our imam, and our world.”

Al-layth’s death

He left our world on Friday 15 of Sha`ban 175 AH / 16 December 791 AD in Cairo, Egypt.

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