Mo Salah: The Great Muslim Football Player

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Mo Salah
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Football is the most popular sporting activity in the world with billions of fans from every country. Dazzling at the very top with his Allah-given talents and skills is one amiable footballer named Mo Salah. Born on the 15th of June, 1992 in Egypt as Mohamed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghaly, this is the story of the great Muslim footballer who is inspiring millions of Muslims and non-Muslims all over the world. He does this with all his actions on and off the pitch.

Mo Salah is so excellent with the footballing skills that he is widely respected and regarded as one of the best footballers on the planet.

His speed, finishing, and dribbling skills are second to none. An unbeatable forward player for the Premier League side Liverpool and a master footballer for the national team of Egypt (the Pharaohs), Mo Salah commenced the senior part of his football career with a local club called El Mokawloon.

Later, he left the Egyptian club and moved to FC Basel in Switzerland in Europe. It was while at the Swiss side that the world started paying serious attention to his skills. His incredible performances on the pitch soon got the attention of Chelsea FC of the Premier League and not long after, he was signed by the club in 2014. He would still make another move to Serie A clubs in Italy (Roma and Fiorentina) before his eventual return to the Premier League in 2017 when Liverpool signed him for almost 37 million pounds.

While playing in the United Kingdom, he played so well that he got several awards.

These include the Premier League Golden Boot, PFA Player’s Player of the Year, and even the third prize in the 2018 Best FIFA Men’s Player event. Not long after that, he racked up the goals and even assisted his club Liverpool in winning the 2019 UEFA Champions League. One of his greatest achievements came when he assisted Liverpool to end its thirty years of league title drought when the side won the Premier League (2019-2020).

However, Mo Salah is not just loved for his footballing skills alone but he is more adored for his acts as a Muslim. Even though there are many Muslim footballers, not promote Islam the way Mo Salah does. Apart from being a practicing Muslim, he does everything to project the beautiful image of Islam. For instance, his daughter who was born in 2014, is named Makka, to honour the holy city of Mecca. That is not all, whenever he scores a goal, his method of celebration is doing a sujud which is the Islamic way of praying.

Mo Salah does not just do these things as a Muslim, he loves them and he said in an interview with CNN regarding this:

“It is something like praying or thanking God for what I have received, but yeah, it is just praying and praying for a win. I have always done that since I was young, everywhere.”

He is also heavily involved in several charity projects in which he tries to eradicate poverty in his hometown in Egypt. May Almighty Allah (SWT) ease his affairs, aameen.

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