Ibrahim AS and his struggles in life

Islam Contributor
Kur'an-ı Kerim. Quran.

Ibrahim AS has been mentioned as “Our Father,” in surah Hajj in the last verses, we have been told that he is a model for us and we have to follow him. His struggles are remarkable.

1. In younger age

He AS at a younger age, challenged his society. It was a testing time for him, when the society had lost all forms of righteousness. It was a dark age. There was shirk, the biggest sin. Young people often follow the trends in the society and norms, going against the social trends and norms is not considered good, but Ibrahim AS challenged these trends and norms, he stood alone like a rock.

2. Dealing with his father

It was the next challenge he had in his life; his father was a “mushrik,” but he still loved him so much. He (AS) told his father to leave this path humbly. His father criticized him very much, but He AS showed respect to his father. Often, we cannot tell our elders if they are on the wrong path or do illegal things.

3. Ibrahim AS and his married life

His father then expelled him AS from home, Ibrahim AS then got married. This time he got the strange and tough challenge of leaving his family in the middle of the desert. He AS for the sake of Allah left his family there in the middle, but Allah never left him AS alone. Allah created there a natural spring whose water remained a blessing to that whole area till now.

4. Slaughtering his son

This was another major challenge for him. He AS was told to slaughter his for the sake of Allah. His son told his father to act upon the commandment of Allah. Ibrahim AS also fulfilled this challenge. Allah helped him and rewarded him by accepting this major challenge. This great sacrifice of Ibrahim AS is commemorated by Muslims all over the world once in a year. His AS submission to Allah is exceptional.

5. Facing Namrood

Challenging a cruel authority is not an easy job, but Ibrahim AS went to the court of Namrood and spoke to him for the sake of Allah. He (AS) invited him to Allah’s path, but Namrood showed pride and threw Ibrahim AS in burning fire, despite it, Ibrahim AS stood for truth and never changed his way why He AS was called an “Ummah” alone for his exemplary efforts.

6. Lesson for us

Allah says in the Holy Quran that Ibrahim AS is your father, upholds the true path, and follows him. We can learn from his life and his struggles. Do not be afraid of his life, Allah has never told us to jump into the fire or leave your family in the middle of the desert rather Allah says that at least try your best and stand for the truth.


Allah gives Ibrahim (AS) the title “Imam Ul Anaas,” which means he is the curate (Imam) of all humanity. He should be respected and should be followed.