The Swords of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

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The hero of the heroes was the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Heroism was in his personality. He took a lifelong stand for truth and beauty. Our beloved Prophet participated in multiple battles in his lifetime. He has shown his heroism in these battles. A hallmark of his heroism is the swords he used. Today we will get acquainted with the swords the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used.


This sword came from ancestors’ sources. This was his first sword. The length of this aesthetic sword was 99 centimetres and the width was 4 centimetres, which increased to 3.5 centimetres on the surface. The length of the blade was 81 cm. The handle was 14 centimetres. Abdullah ibn Muttalib was engraved on the sword.


Dhul-Faqar is a famous sword. The Prophet presented it to Ali, the fourth caliph of Islam, at the battle of Uhud. The power of this sword has become history. In the battle of Uhud, Ali (RA) split the shield and helmet of the most powerful warrior of Mecca in one blow with his weapon. Ali’s sword was also broken in the attack. After this incident, Prophet Mohammad gave his sword named ‘ Dhul-Faqar’ to Ali (ra).

It was narrated that Anas said: “The metallic end of the scabbard of the Messenger of Allah [SAW] was of silver, the pommel of his sword was silver, and in between were rings of silver.” (Sunan an-Nasa’i 5374)

According to the hadith scholars, that sword was ‘Dhul-Faqar’. On the day of the conquest of Mecca, it was with the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Al Qadib

It was a very strong sword made of iron. It was 100 cm long and 2.8 cm wide. The blade of this sword was relatively thin, with a surface of only 2.2 cm. This strong sword had a 14 cm handle to operate properly.


This sword was presented by Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) during the Battle of Uhud. Earlier, the famous Companion Abu Dujana (ra) fought with this sword. It is currently housed in a museum in Cairo.

Al Qal`a

This is one of the three swords that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) received from The Banu Qaynuqa. It was usually used by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) for security during travel. It was not used in war.

Al Hatf

It is the heaviest sword of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), useful and effective for war. This was obtained from The Banu Qaynuqa tribe. The length of this sword with the handle is 113 cm, the blade of which was 98 cm. The width of this sharp sword was 8 cm, which ended at 6 cm on the surface.

Al Battar

The sword had an aesthetic design with the words ‘Al Kisas’ (death penalty) and Saif al-Adel (Sword of Justice).

Al Mikhdham

Al Mikhdham was wrapped in silver, which the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used at different times.


Al-Rasub is the longest sword of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), 140 centimetres long.