The United Kingdom Imposes Restrictions on Social Gatherings

Grigory Matyunin 14-Sep-2020
© Scaliger

The United Kingdom has imposed new restrictions, curtailing the number of people permitted to meet in a social setting.

From today, social gatherings will be restricted to a maximum of six people in total and a maximum of two households. The rule applies to private homes as well as restaurants and cafes.

The new restrictions have come into force over fears that the spread of coronavirus is increasing in the UK and the R number has risen to between 1 and 1.2, meaning every infected person on average spreads the virus to one other individual.

Exceptions apply such as workplaces, team sports, weddings and funerals. In Scotland and Wales, children below the ages of 12 and 11 are exempt from the rule.

Violations of the new rules will be prosecuted with hefty fines.

One of the worst hit countries worldwide, the UK now has an official national death toll of 41,628, although the real figure is believed to be significantly higher.