The Universal law of Allah in Quran

Islam Sadaf Riaz
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Universal law
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Here we are going to discuss the universal laws of God (Al-Sunan Rabaniyyah). Allah the mighty created this universe on number of laws. Allah says in Quran:

“…But you will never find in the way of Allah any change, and you will never find in the way of Allah any alteration.” [35:43]

In six or seven places the universal laws are mentioned as “sunan”. These laws are essential theme of Quran.

The universal law of condition

Allah gives a conditional statement; if we do something wrong then there is consequence. Allah says in Quran:

“…and seized those who wronged, with a wretched punishment, because they were defiantly disobeying.” (7:165)

If you do something on the earth weather right or wrong then there is a consequence. Allah says:

“And we did not send into a city any warner except that it’s affluent said, indeed we, in that with which you were sent, are disbelievers.” (34:34)

Those people who are having a luxurious life always say that, “we do not believe in the Prophet”.

This is universal truth that Prophets are poor and the weakest in the societies, but are having enough power to see the truth.

These laws are same both for the human world and the natural world.

Universal law of communities

Allah discussed the law of community as:

“And there is no creature on [or within] the earth or birds that flies with its wings except [that they are] communities like you. We have not neglected in the register a thing. Then unto their Lord they will be gathered. (6:38)

This is universal law of community. You will find a philosophical basis if you deeply think about it.

The Quran reveals that all plants, animals, and marine life are aware of Allah.

Everybody worship Allah in their own way.

They are having communal way of leadership, and finding their way in nature and forests to live their lives.

History evolved in cycle. The evolution is not a fact, when every scientist gets agreed that is a fact. As a religion or as a belief is a different thing, where we think that homosapiens, human beings were only on earth and we are evolved from our ancestors who were before us.

Allah is giving us a different philosophy in the Quran. Adam was the successor of all the creatures on the earth and before Adam there were jinn.

Universal and social laws tell us that how Allah created the universe in terms of society.

Laws of Victory

In order to achieve the victory you have to follow the laws of victory: you have to be determined and work hard to achieve your victory. You must have patience, if you give victory to Allah and He will give you back.

In order to achieve victory and success you must need to be united. No one can destroy those who are united and this is universal law.

The law of providence

Allah talked about the law of providence, that whatever we are going to give we will definitely receive the same. If we praise the blessings of Allah, He will give us more. Similarly, if we start corruption on earth, the earth will hit us back with corruption that we had planted on earth.

We must need to notice these conditional statements while reading Quran. Universal laws are considered as an important theme in Quran.

May Allah guide us the right path.

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