This Co-Working Space in KL Includes A Children’s Playland Too

Co-working spaces are becoming a norm nowadays with the increasing number of self-employed individuals or even independent professionals using this office space to work, network and have meetings.

These spaces are growing rapidly in Kuala Lumpur but this particular one sets itself apart from others as it integrates an indoor children’s playland as well!

We know what you’re thinking, finding a place where both work and play can intersect can sound almost too good to be true. So let us introduce to you, Lindees a unique space that caters to both parents and children.

The unique space is founded by two good friends and working mothers themselves Nurlin Salleh and Mien Dee Yong (you can probably tell Lindees is a mashup of their names together). Both Nurlin and Mien Dee understand the perils of balancing parenthood and a career.

“We started LIndees because we felt there was a gap in the market to provide modern and young parents with the opportunity to work while they spend quality time with their kids, and a place that offers educational, theme-based activities that is fun as well,” said Nurlin.

“The environment today is such that every parent is a working parent so this is a space where they can do meetings, get work done and spend time with their kids,” she said.

There are three key areas in Lindees such as the Playland where children can explore different play areas equipped with sensory-rich features, while babies can enjoy cosy play time at the sensorial Manja Nest.

The Kerjasama Desk is where a functional co-working space is built overlooking the Playland so parents can easily monitor their children while working.

Finally, the Nom Nom Land is where guests can savour the best of local Malaysian food or Western delights.

“We wanted to build this place with a proper restaurant, and not just a little café that provides nuggets and fries but a proper restaurant where parents can feel really comfortable socializing and eating food while the kids enjoy themselves and learn different things in a safe environment,” said Nurlin.

Lindees welcome kids from 0-12 years old and it provides other amenities such as nursing room, showers, private function rooms, lockers, high-speed wifi and more.

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