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time concept
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The time concept in worldly life is the sum of some time. For those who spend this short time on the path of goodness, there is the good news of reward in this world and in the Hereafter. Demonstrating laxity in the proper use of time is the name of destroying the core capital of life. Proper use of time can lead the believer to the highest position in Paradise. On the other hand, people who spend time in negligence can be thrown into hell. There is a popular saying, “Time and tides wait for none.”

Special emphasis has been placed on the care of time in the Quran and Hadith. Because time is one of the best blessings, Allah has transformed night into day and transformed the day into night so that if one time is wasted then in another time it can be remedied.

Time has been sworn in the Quran

At the beginning of many Surahs, Allah has sworn by time to show the importance of time. He swore by night and day. Allah says,

“By the night when it covers with darkness. And by the day when it appears.” (92:1-2)

In another verse, Allah swears by Fajr and the ten nights, ‘By Fajr! And also by the ten (Holy) nights.” (69: 1-2)

In another verse, Allah says, “By the morning! And by the night when it covers.” (93: 1-2)

Then at last in Surah Asr, swearing by time, Allah says, “By time! Surely all the people are in loss.” (103: 1-2)

Thus, at the beginning of various Surahs, Allah has sworn by time to indicate to His servants to think and research for the welfare.

According to the famous commentators, when Allah swears by something He has created, His purpose is to make people special about it. Thus, in all these verses, man’s gaze has been turned towards time and caution has been imposed on the benevolent deeds and signs of Allah Almighty.

Many provisions of Islam are related to time

Islam has set a time for each work. Apart from various important provisions of Islam such as prayers, fasting, Hajj, Zakat, most of the issues are tied in the garland of time. Allah says, “Surely the prayer has been made obligatory for the Muslims within a certain term.” (4: 103) The importance of time has been explained here by emphasizing to perform certain prayers at certain times. In the same way, every work of Islam must be done according to the time. Otherwise, it will not be done properly.

On the Day of Judgment, people will be asked about the time before Allah. On this difficult day, people will be asked about four basic things. There will be two main questions about time in particular. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “No one can move his two feet on the Day of Resurrection until he/she has been asked four questions. The first of these four questions will be about his/her life. That is, how did he/she spend his/her life? The second question will be about his/her youth. That is, how he/she spent the precious time of the youth.”

There are two positions mentioned in the Quran about time

The proverb says ‘time is more valuable than gold.’ The saying is indeed correct. The Qur’an describes two positions of regret over time.

First position: the last moment of life. This time he would regret it if he had been given a little more time. Had he been given a little chance, he would have corrected his evil condition and corrected the deeds that he had been deceived by Satan.

In this regard, Allah says, “O you who believe! May your wealth and children do not make you heedless of the remembrance of Allah. Those who are heedless will be the losers. You shall spend out of what We have provided for you before death comes to you; Otherwise, they will say, “O my Lord! If you gave me respite for a while, I would also give alms and be one of the righteous.” (63: 9-10)

Second position: the moment of the Hereafter. Allah says: “There they will cry out, “O Our Lord! Deliver us from this torment, we will do good deeds, we will not do what we used to do (i.e. sin).” Allah will say, “Did I not give you a life long enough for one to beware? My Messengers also came to you. So taste the punishment, for the wrongdoers have no helpers.” (35:37)

Therefore, Muslims should be dutiful and responsible towards time. Time is like a sword. If we don’t destroy it, it won’t destroy us.

Finally, we pray to the Almighty Allah to grant us the grace to use our time wisely by learning from the Quran and Sunnah. Ameen.

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