Tips For Millennials to Ace That Job Interview

Education Contributor

Job interviews are really intimidating, no matter how old we are. The pressure to put on the perfect first impression and the thought of a make-or-break outcome is oh-so-daunting.

Although we live in an era where social media is literally everything, not everyone is destined to become an influencer and earn big bucks just by reviewing products on Instagram. The rest of us need to work 9-5 to earn a decent income.

Millennials have had a bad rep for thinking they’re entitled to everything. If you’re part of this age group, perhaps it’s time to show the world you’re actually capable of being a well-disciplined adult with big ambitions for your future.

Here are some tips for the millennials on how to ace an interview when a job opportunity comes along.


Punctuality is so important for job interviews, you might want to schedule your ride extra early so you can be there at least a half an hour before the interview slot begins. Whatever your app says about your ‘ETA’, add on another 30 minutes to that.  One of the easiest ways for you to obliterate your chances of getting the job is by arriving late. Arriving on time is good, but arriving earlier is much better. That way you have time to calm yourself and go over notes before going to the interview room.


Human interaction is extremely important during interviews so put on your best smile and be nice to everyone in the room. Employers not only look at your resume, but they also consider your interpersonal skills. Being professional with everyone from the front desk receptionists to any administrative assistants is really important because you would want people to remember you too.


Newsflash: nobody likes an unprepared interviewee. This is usually frowned upon by the interviewer because it shows that you show no interest in the company itself. Yes, the interview is supposed to be about you, but don’t view that literally. You must remember that the company wants to know how you can benefit them and how well you would fit in. If you want to work there, you have to show your interest. Have they been in the news lately? Did they release a new product? Back that up with extra information on how you think you can contribute to the company for a better future.


Millennials have a bad rep for their ‘self-entitlement’ attitude for a reason. Numerous articles have been published about how millennials are a tough group to manage due to their whiny demands. Don’t be a part of that and show that you are willing to roll up your sleeves and get the job done. Most companies these days offer flexible working hours and try to be accommodating as possible, so don’t take advantage of that by asking for more than what’s been offered.


Remember that you are going for a professional job interview so its best to not attend it with jeans and slippers or anything casual. A splash of color is fine, but keep it professional and clean with nicely pressed shirts, shoes and for the women, minimal make-up.


Being articulate when you speak doesn’t require big words. It just means using the correct words to clearly express an idea, or simply when you’ve been asked to explain more about yourself. Speak clearly, and don’t just answer a question with minimal words. Being articulate helps to give people the impression that you have a solid, cultured mind. They want to see how you interact and respond when the spotlight is on you.


Trust that your social media pages will be checked by potential employers, that is depending on how interested they are in you. If you have anything you don’t want them to see, it’s time to do some spring cleaning by deleting some posts or change your privacy settings.