Tips To Handle The Summer Heat While Traveling

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There really isn’t a bad season to travel, however summer is considered the most popular time to take a vacation. Relaxing by the beach, taking a stroll in the park, going for a swim in the ocean, it all sounds like the perfect summer getaway. But it’s important to take note of the soaring temperatures at your destination as certain parts of the world are currently experiencing harsh summer weather.

If you’re traveling during this summer heat, it’s always best to be prepared as you wouldn’t want to feel an unsettling discomfort while you travel. Before you embark on your trip, here are some tips to remind you how to keep yourself cool and cheat the summer heat so you can have a perfect trip.


Let’s get real – it would be extra challenging for Muslim women to stay comfortable while all covered up but keep in mind that every cloud has a silver lining because you’re actually doing your skin a favour by not exposing it to the harsh sun! The best solution is to wear loose-fitted and breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen. You can also switch up your scarf style into a turban and top it off with a sun hat, if you wish.



This is an obvious tip, but one that needs reminding because a lot of us tend to disregard the importance of drinking plain water. It’s vital to drink plenty of water when you’re out in the summer heat because you’ll be sweating a lot. Carry around a bottle of water in your bag so you can help to replenish your fluid content whenever and wherever. Don’t let your body get dehydrated. Bored with plain water? Add a slice of lemon or some mint leaves.

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We get it, you’re on holiday so it’s understandable if you want to be out all day to explore what the destination has to offer. But because you’re traveling during the summer heat, you should plan your activities ahead. Try to set out extra early before the sun is at its hottest, or after the sunset so that you can avoid hot afternoons. Choose indoor activities when the heat is at its peak during the day and visit places like the local museum or have a long lunch at a nice, air-conditioned restaurant.



Don’t automatically assume your hotel has air conditioning. It’s always best to check before you book your place to stay. Even if it means you have to pay a little extra, pick an AC room. Just in case an AC room isn’t an option, purchase a small travel fan so you can keep yourself cool.



It’s not just about drinking enough water, you also have to be mindful of what you eat. Eating plenty of oily and greasy food actually reduces the amount of water in your body. Opt for fresh vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of water like watermelon, plums, tomatoes, and grapes for example. Otherwise, you can use this as an excuse to have ice-cream or a popsicle! Having cold food helps to relief you from heat even for a while.

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Wet tissues, aloe vera gel, and sunblock should be your best friends when traveling in warm countries. Wet tissues are to wipe off your sweat, aloe vera helps to relief sunburn and sunblock is crucial to protect your skin against harmful UV rays. Try to avoid wearing too much make-up, keep it minimal with light-coverage foundation.

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