Tips to make Eid fun during the pandemic

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Eid is approaching, in these last few days of Ramadan, it is essential to plan for Eid days ahead of time. But as we all know, the world is facing a severe crisis, this Eid will an unusual one. Therefore, we have to be creative and flexible while planning.

Firstly, have a hearty discussion with your family about the Eid possibilities. You may choose the time of Iftaar to discuss. Trust me, you will get a lot of ideas from the older generation to the little ones.

Once you have finished planning, utter ‘Bismillah’ and start implementing everyone’s ideas. Your Eid will be unusually cozy and good, just keep faith in Almighty Allah.

Tips to brighten the Eid festival:

Dress up and set the mood on:

Ordain both your home and yourselves. Dress up in beautiful clothes. Wear your favourite jewellery. Arrange a henna party the night before Eid. Request all family members to participate.

Before Eid, clean your house thoroughly. On the day of Eid, burn incense or bakhoor for a pleasant smell.

Create a nasheed playlist and play it throughout the day. Set the mood totally for the celebration.

Connect with friends and family:

This is one of the most important rituals of Eid. Pray together as a family. It enhances the bonding and showers love upon your near and dear ones. After wearing your best clothes, arrange a family photoshoot in your house. Make everyone participate in it. Crack a joke and make everyone laugh.

Ordain a whole wall to use as a backdrop for your Eid video chats and calls. In fact, you can click a few selfies in front of it. It will make the ambience festive.

Plan a video chat with the total extended family and record it for the aftermath.

Deliver presents to neighbour’s mailboxes on Eid. But remember to sanitize it. Your kids can wrap little presents or desserts for their friends. Then drive around and drop them on their porches. Trust me, it will inflict joy in this tiring time.

Eating is fun, so is cooking:

Plan a special breakfast with your family. Make everyone participate in breakfast making. Then eat together while sharing family stories. Bake a cake or cook some special Ramadan sweets. This is the best time to look into your ammi’s cookbook and try some traditional family recipes.

All about Eidi and gifts:

Plan a game where the gifts will be the prizes. If you did not buy any gift online, make some handmade gift certificates that can be redeemed in fun indoor activities. Like, if someone cracks the puzzle, he or she will get a cupcake for a week.

You may also surprise your kids by giving them bonus family gifts. Build a paper mâché piñata filled with candy and money.

Keep yourself and your family busy:

Eid lasts for three days. So there is plenty of time to arrange for some high energy party and indoor games. If you have space in your house, rent a bounce house. Don’t forget to sanitize it.

Arrange a board game night. Gift board games, sports equipment, art and craft kit so that you can together join in a fun project. Every day of Eid, have a movie night or a music night right before bed.

Remember, it is your responsibility to make this Eid celebrating. Be positive and focus on the blessings that you have from our Almighty Allah.

Enjoy Ali Huda! Exclusive for your kids.