Top 3 Extreme Sports To Try in Kuala Lumpur

Sights Ili Farhana 29-Jul-2019

If eating spicy food has stopped giving you that adrenaline rush that kept your life exciting at the office or college, step up your game with KL’s special menu of extreme, breath-taking sports!

Here are top three activities to give back the colour to your mundane weekly schedule:

Base Jumping from KL Tower

If you’ve heard anything of skydiving and think that you know how to pull the ring at the right moment but feel like skydiving is getting too mainstream for you, search no further than KL Tower base-jumping.

With this activity, you have the opportunity to scale the awesome 420 meter tower and challenge its height against your power of not having a heart-attack!

Nevertheless, the task is not for amateurs. You must have at least two years of experience and have performed at least 20 jumps in the last year to be able to participate in the 4-day event, that gathers adrenaline scavengers from around the world!

Photo courtesy of Menara KL


White Water Rafting at Selangor River

If you wish to brawl with the forces of nature in an unequal battle, the Selangor River will take you on any day. The 7-kilometer river is the perfect opportunity to delve into KL’s natural appeal, and get instantly soaked from breaking your fighting stance against the rapid waters of the tricky river. Only the masters of paddle-boarding will be able to go un-soaked against the rushing currents. Can you?



Bungee Jumping at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

For those who are still rookies in the wild world of adrenaline, this is the ideal initiation ritual to its more extreme counterparts of skydiving and base jumping! Take the opportunity to entrust your life to a bungee rope and enjoy the soul-tingling feeling of walking on razor’s edge between life and paradise. Come enjoy the unique experience of getting to become a real-life caterpillar hanging only meters off the floor by a string at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park.

Photo courtesy of Sunway Lagoon


Cover photo by Logan Easterling on Unsplash

This article is contributed by Daniil Vakhrameev.

Daniil Vakhrameev is 19 years old, and a student of Sociology at Warwick University, UK. He is currently doing a one-month internship with SalamToday and SalamWeb, where he will be sharing his unique takes on traveling, culture and life as a student abroad.