Top 90’s Action Nostalgia Films

Senses Contributor 09-Aug-2019

We are now fast approaching the end of 2019, but somehow the 90s still feels very close, even in reality it was 20 years ago.  To many, this realisation may induce a warm feeling of nostalgia, remembering all the great songs and movies of the time that accompanied them through growing pains.  If you grew up in the 90’s, reliving these moments with the classic action movies will definitely bring you back to those pure moments of joy from your carefree childhood.


Con Air (1997):

A Nicolas Cage movie starring John Malkovich and Dave Chapelle, this classic film contains a good amount of tough guys facing away from explosions, clever prison escaping tricks and quite some good humour. The cliché Hollywood happy ending epiphany will induce warm sensations of attaining the American dream by the end of your experience !


Terminator 2

The marvellous Terminator sequel filled with majestic quotes in Arny’s thick Austrian accent, such as: “Hasta la vista baby” or “no problemo” that have become iconic over the years, without a doubt will satisfy you with enough epic shooting scenes and Schwarzenegger action.


The Matrix

One of the first movies that got 90’s kids questioning the reality of what we see in front of us. With intense slow-mo bullet dodging-action from Keanu Reaves in the role of Neo, this film contains a series of very tight black leather clothes, rapid shoot-offs and chases that bring you back to the freedom of the 90’s.



The original face exchange movie starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage and a bunch of magnificent Hollywood explosions, this film is sure to bring you back to the memories when catchphrases in action movies were more important than CGI!



One of the most amazing action vampire movies of its time, Blade has got everything you want to see in the 90’s ranging from parkour, epic black capes, ninja swords, and purifying of the unholy by Wesley Snipes in the role of the eponymous half-human half-vampire!


This article is contributed by Daniil Vakhrameev.

Daniil Vakhrameev is 19 years old, and a student of Sociology at Warwick University, UK. He is currently doing a one-month internship with SalamToday and SalamWeb where he will be sharing his unique takes on traveling, culture and life as a student abroad.