Employability skills and top tips to enhance them

Education Contributor
employability skills

Exhibiting strong employability skills are crucial to career success. In addition, Allah has given us all many talents and abilities and we must apply them effectively. We should always try to be the very best that we can be!

Employability depends on your skills, attitudes, knowledge. It depends largely on how you use your talents and how you present your skills to employers. This can be defined as the transferable skills needed by an individual to make his skills employable.

In the present time, it is clearly evident that things are getting more and more difficult and competitive. So, in order to stand out and excel in the market it is crucial that we exhibit excellent employability skills.

Below are top ten skills that you can follow to be a better employee.

1. Communication and interpersonal skills

This is the ability to explain what you mean in a clear and concise way through writing or speaking. To further add, it is also about being able to listen and relate to other people, and to act upon key information or instructions. Demonstrating strong communication skills is just about everything. If you can develop this skill, then it will do you good instead in the future Insha’Allah.

2. Using your initiative and being self-motivated

Employers expect their employees to be self-motivated. They want them to use their own initiative. Management wants staff to just get on with the job at hand and be able to deliver effectively. In having new ideas of your own which can be made into reality and also showing a strong personal drive in which demonstrate this.

3. Effectively problem solving skills

This is essentially the ability to understand a problem by breaking it down into smaller parts. And identifying the key issues and implications to identify solutions. This is about applying your knowledge and skills from different areas to solve a task.

4. Working under pressure and below deadlines

Remember, this includes being able to handle stress that comes with deadlines and ensuring that you complete them effectively. Regardless of your work environment, you will most likely face challenges and thus by being masterful and being focused, you will succeed.

5. Being a good team player

Being a good team player is integral to team and to work successfully. This is about being able to working well with other people from different attitudes or different backgrounds, and expertise to accomplish a task.

6. Organizational skills

It is vital to exhibit a strong organizational skill. It is about being organized and methodical and being able to plan, work to meet deadlines and targets. Someone who possesses this skill, monitors their progress of work to ensure that they are on track to meet a deadline.

7. Ability to learn and adapt

In order to exhibit this trait you need to be passionate about your work, and be able to identify ways to learn from your previous mistakes for the benefit of both you and your employer.

8. Numeracy

Wherever you go Math and English is always seen as a priority and requirement. And this is something that I have come to find in my experience. Therefore, the ability to use math to support your evidence or demonstrate a point is always an advance.

9. Negotiation skills

To take on board other people’s feelings and expression in your own requirements in an unemotional clear fashion to achieve a win-win outcome. This is highly valued by employers as it portrays that you can be able to represent them or their interests in the best possible way.

10. Valuing diversity and difference

This is the principal about knowing the value of diversity and what it can bring. It also includes understanding and being considerate of the different needs of different individuals. Employers look for this as we live in a global variegated world and being able to cater to everyone. This is something not to underrate as valuing diversity. This is essentially about respecting each other.


We have to try to be the best that we can be and we must push ourselves to always aim higher and be ambitious. Although these skills can be applied primarily in the work environment. These skills are also transferrable and can be applied to anyone irrespective of your background.

Our Iman calls on us to demonstrate strong work ethic, to work hard to benefit others and to always be the best at everything we do. Insha’Allah by applying these skills, we can achieve our goals and can be a successful employer. May our Lord enables us all to be successful, fulfilling and prosperous careers.