Touring Selangor’s Best Royal Heritage Spots

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The famed state of Selangor is situated on the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, was part of Selangor before it was turned into a Federal Territory. Selangor is ruled by one of the nine sultans of the country.

The generations of sultans governing the state have left several very enticing and exclusive historical destinations that stand out among the far-reaching forests of Selangor.

Among the other contributions of the Royal family to the state of Selangor, a difficult one to miss is the Blue Mosque which the Selangor Sultan has partially funded himself from the Royal allowance, not from government funds.

Inspired from the design of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul -Turkey, the Shah Alam Blue Mosque is quite the impressive architectural piece.



Currently being the state mosque, it proudly presents the largest religious dome in the world measuring 51.2 m (167 ft) in diameter and reaching 106.7 m (350 ft) above ground!

The state of Selangor is filled with traditional and multicultural mosques, the better of which are the ones built or sponsored by the Sultans or the Royal family.

The Sultan Ala’Eddin mosque is not the exception of presenting an original design, it was the first proclaimed state mosque of Selangor.



Learn more about the cultural heritage of Selangor in its multitude of state museums harmoniously blending with the natural setting. An exciting tour with occasional paranormal activity stories from the guides, this is sure to appeal to those who believe in ulterior beings and existence. Hint– Jugra Insitu Museum and Bukit Melawati.

The local fauna might also be a nice addition to the experience, starring very stylish and photogenic monkeys around several of the sites, they most certainly will distract your children while you delve into the essence of Malaysian culture.



Apart from the abundant and prominent nature, another cultural phenomenon lies in the numerous palaces of the Royal family scattered around the state.

A must-see is the Istana Bandar, a grand XIX century Royal palace with an imposing audience hall and forty reception rooms. Inspired from a set of a fusion of multinational architectural designs including Chinese, Moorish and classic Malay, one can distinguish the multicultural influence in the craftsmanship and ornaments of the infrastructure.

This palace isn’t in use anymore and can be accessible to the public. Nevertheless, some of the other ones can only be accessed with special permission from the Sultan himself, or via arrangements with Selangor tourism.

In parallel, the best assets of the local food come in the form of seafood, due to the fact that it is a coastal state which is also crossed by the Selangor river. There is a number of wonderful seaside and riverside Chinese or Malay restaurants that will demonstrate their culinary prowess before your very eyes!



Finally, the Istana Alam is one of the main palaces used by the Royal family with a beautiful court, a mosque and an automobile museum assembled from the personal collection of the current Sultan.

This palace is one of the ones that aren’t open to the public and requires special permission to enter. Nevertheless, it is still a great sight from the outside and the mosque and the museum are available for access so don’t lose hope, Selangor awaits!

This tour is a part of the ‘Royal Selangor Heritage Trail’ organized by the Tourism of Selangor. It is an effort to promote the history and heritage of Selangor across three districts – Kuala Selangor, Kuala Langat, and Klang.

The ‘Selangor Royal Heritage Trail’ starts in September. If you are interested, you can reach to Tourism Selangor for further information on the packages offered to you.


Photos: Khairina Fikri

This article is contributed by Daniil Vakhrameev.

Daniil Vakhrameev is 19 years old, and a student of Sociology at Warwick University, UK. He did a one-month internship with SalamToday and SalamWeb where he shared his unique takes on traveling, culture, and life as a student abroad.

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