Tours and travel in the eyes of Islam

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tours and travel
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Tours or travel are not just for fun. As the world of thought expands in travel, so does it have instructive elements. The Quran pays special attention to this instructive aspect of travel. Allah says, ” Say, ‘Travel through the land; then observe how was the end of the deniers.’” (6:11)

This verse emphasizes the importance of tours and travel. Travel to different countries and see how much punishment they had suffered who denied their messenger. And in the Hereafter, there is a severe punishment for them.

The importance of travel at home and abroad

Numerous verses of the Holy Qur’an urge travel abroad. In one verse Allah says, “Say, [O Muhammad], ‘Travel through the land and observe how was the end of those before. Most of them were associators [of others with Allah].’” (30: 42)

Basically, it is very easy to save the path of life by observing the various issues of the country and abroad through the tour. People’s eyes and ears are opened due to the tour. It is helpful to take the truth, the right path, and approach. Allah says, “And for how many a city did I prolong enjoyment while it was committing wrong. Then I seized it, and to Me is the [final] destination.” (22: 48)

Each place on the earth has its own significance and characteristics. Many things in the universe remain unknown if you do not come out of a certain territory. In this regard Allah says, “Say, [O Muhammad], ‘Travel through the land and observe how He began creation. Then Allah will produce the final creation. Indeed Allah, over all things, is competent.’” (29: 20)

Islam has never discouraged travel. Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. And Hajj has to be performed by traveling a long way. Another pillar of Islam is Zakat. An important source of zakat collection is giving to needy travelers.

In addition, it has been instructed to shorten the best worship ‘Salah’ due to a certain range of travel. In this way, Islam has encouraged travel in various ways.

Five benefits of tours and travel

Imam Shafi’i (Rah.) mentions five benefits of travel.

1. Anxiety is gone.

2. Livelihood can be earned.

3. Knowledge can be acquired.

4. Courtesy and etiquette can be learned.

5. Physical well-being is achieved.

The past and present culture of tours and travel

In ancient times, Arabs traveled around the world for trade, livelihood, hunting, and sheep grazing. But the order to travel for instruction and advice was completely new to them. And it is that new approach that has pulled them out of the abyss of ignorance and brought them to the highest peak of progress.

At present people travel for various reasons including business, education, entertainment, medicine. If these travels are also done for the purpose of worship by remembering the instructions of the Qur’an, then the reward for the Hereafter will be earned along with the worldly welfare.

Tourism is the search for the ocean of knowledge. Occasionally traveling to different places is very beneficial for a cheerful mind and physical well-being. Also, travel broadens the horizons of the human mind.

The mysteries of Allah’s creation are scattered all over the world. These mysteries and historical monuments of creation are calling people by the hand every moment. The famous traveler Ibn Battuta says that travel reveals the mystery of the creation of the creator, travel boosts our confidence. Every human being should develop his heart by seeing the various creations of the Creator by traveling as far or as far as possible.

Islam instructs us to travel for the sake of seeing, earning, acquiring knowledge, healing diseases, and self-purification. If one travels with the intention of reward, he will get rewards in the whole journey. There are many miracles of Allah’s power in the world. Seeing all this, people will think and do research. Faith and belief will strengthen. However, Islam did not allow the visit for any bad purpose.