Traveling? Check Out This Muslim Friendly Alternative to Airbnb

Sights Syahirah Mokhtazar 02-May-2019

Halal travel is now made even easier with the existence of various online travel agencies offering content that abide by the Islamic law.

Aside from opting for halal hotels, if Muslim travelers are looking to stay in halal vacation rental homes, there is a Muslim friendly alternative to popular vacation rental sites which offers services like Airbnb, except that its designed specifically for Muslims. is a halal hospitality marketplace that connects travelers with short-term rental homes. According to its website, Muzbnb was founded in 2016 by a group of young entrepreneurs who were not only looking to encourage travel and adventure within the global Muslim community, but to also build a community where Muslims could feel totally comfortable and accepted while traveling and lodging.

The website offers a variety of homes from villas, to condos and so much more and guests can also choose to either rent an entire house, a single room or even shared rooms.

It differentiates from other vacation rental sites in such that homes are offered in walking distance to mosques or great halal restaurants  – there are a ton of ways to filter your needs. Also, there are homes equipped with prayer spaces and stocked with Qurans or Islamic literature.

Muzbnb allows guests to connect with hosts from many countries including Canada, United States, South Africa, Germany, Morocco, Malaysia, and so many more.

But even though the website is designed for Muslims, all faiths are welcome as long as they support and respect the Islamic values.

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