Turkey deports two dutch nationals for terror links

Uncategorized Taufiq Sugeng 29-Dec-2019

Turkey deported two foreign nationals back to their country, the Netherlands, for terrorist links, the Interior Ministry reported on Dec. 28th.

The ministry also restated that Turkey would continue to extradite foreign terrorists. The statement did not specify the names of the terror groups, the fighters belonged to but it stressed the trend of the returning ISIl terrorists.

The public prosecutors office said in a statement that the female terrorist, who crossed into Turkey from Syria, was arrested in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. The statement noted that the 28 year old woman was with her 4 your old daughter at the time of the arrest.

The woman went into Syria in 2013 and applied in October to the Netherlands embassy in Ankara to return to her home country. The child has since been taken into a Child Protection Institution.

Turkey has deported more than 110 foreign terrorist since the November 11th announcement by Minister Suleyman Soylu stating captured ISIL terrorists would be extradited.

The issue of handling ISIL members and their families detained in Syria has been controversial with Turkey pushing for repatriation of foreign born terrorists to the protest of several European countries who claim that terrorists are denationalized.