Turkey: Rize local wishes to find the family of French mountaineer who disappeared in 1988

World Yen Doran 23-Jan-2020
missing mountaineer
ID 14520478 © Dan Briški | Dreamstime.com

Feridun Altaş wishes to find the family of a French mountaineer who died while climbing the Kaçkar Mountains in the Black Sea region 32 years ago.

Altaş, a resident of the Çamlıhemşin district of Rize province, firmly believes that the remains he buried in 2000, belong to Philippe Tardieu, whose whereabouts stayed unknown for many years since he was reported missing.

In 1988, Tardieu was reported missing during a climb on the Kaçkar Mountains and was not found despite all the searches at the time.

In 1995, another group of mountaineers came across human bones at the area where Tardieu disappeared.

The bones were immediately believed to have belonged to Tardieu but the authorities could not reach his family that time. Atlas claimed the bones and buried them in his family’s cemetery in front of his house.

Atlas built Tardieu a tombstone that shows his birth-year to be 1958, according to the document from the forensic medicine department.

Atlas tried his best to find leads that may help him reach out to Tardieu’s family, but to no optimistic change.

He has already been calling forth to the French authorities in Turkey for the last 20 years.

“I’m calling on French citizens to help us, reach out to us in a way so that we can reach this person’s family. Let them know that he has a grave,” said Atlas.