Turkey’s Denizli unearths 9 million-year-old fossils

Uncategorized Faizah Kamal 26-Dec-2019

Survey research in the Turkey’s southwestern province of Denizli has unearthed the fossils of eight animal species including mammoth and rhinoceros that lived 1.2 million to 9 million years ago.

Under the direction of Mehmet Akif Ersoy University (MAKU) Anthropology Department academic, Ahmet İhsan Aytek, a team of paleoanthropologists and geologists of Ege and Pamukkale universities and Paris Natural History Museums have continued surface surveys in Denizli.

Ongoing research in different regions identified eight different animal fossils, estimated to have lived between 1.2 million and 9 million years ago. Three different horns and one giraffe fossil dating from 9 million to 7 million years were found in the Miocene period, while the fossils of horse, deer, rhinoceros and mammoth dating back 1.2 million years were found in the Pleistocene period.