UK covid-19 death toll outstrips Italy to become highest in Europe

World Grigory Matyunin 05-May-2020
Keadaan di pusat saringan COVID-19 © Abdul Razak Abdul Latif |

The United Kingdom today reported its official death toll from covid-19 to stand at 32,313. Surpassing that of Italy, this is now the highest death toll in Europe.

The Office for National Statistics has reported that 29,648 deaths from the virus had taken place up to the 24th April in England and Wales. Including deaths that took place in Scotland and Northern Ireland, the national figure currently stands at 32,313 and has widely been speculated to be significantly higher.

Previous reporting had only included deaths that took place in hospital. The figure provided by the ONS, however, includes all cases where coronavirus was cited as the cause on the death certificated.

The latest figures showed an overall decline in the death rate further bolstering ministerial statements that the UK was past the peak of the pandemic. Care home deaths, however, have continued to rise with a week-on-week increase of 8.1 percent.

Sage papers have revealed that experts advise the government to lift the lockdown very slowly since a renewed peak could result in the reimposition of restrictions and the loss of public support.

The news comes as other countries are slowly lifting lockdown restrictions. Four million Italians returned to work yesterday. Some states in the US have reopened their economies partially. Iran has reopened mosques in towns and cities that have consistently been virus-free. The Islamic republic has colour-coded the country based upon levels of infection and intends to reopen schools in those areas where the rate of infection is lowest from the 16th May.