Umar Farooq (May Allah be Pleased with Him): a Symbol of Justice

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Umar Farooq
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When justice comes into mind, one cannot forget Umar Farooq (RA). He belonged to Quraish tribe Bani Adi. He was phenomenal in decision making. He was able to read and write, showing his keen interest in learning.

1. Umar Farooq (RA)’s personality

He had a strong and attractive personality, and stand by Muhammad PBUH in all situations. He served as minister to Muhammad PBUH in all ghazwa and pacts. He acquired the virtues of broad-mindedness, self-respect, tact, and experience. He was a man of high character; he had a robust personality. During his reign, earth saw remarkable justice, trustworthiness, and prosperity. It had a huge impact on the nation too

2. According to a western scholar

William Munir, a western scholar in his book “the caliphate: Its Rise, Decline and fall”

He says, “It takes only a few lines to sketch Omar’s life. Simplicity and responsibility were guiding principles of his administration, impartiality, and dedication. His sense of justice was strong. He captains and governors were unfavorably chosen”. This shows how phenomenal and the exceptional man he was. His administration, dedication, simplicity, and justice were exemplary.

3. Umar Farooq’s various opinions

He RA used to present very strong arguments regarding various issues. For example, the issue of collecting the Quran when discussed; He RZ approached Abu Bakkar RA and proposed a plan for the compilation of the Quran. He stood fast to his opinion, and later his plan was acted upon. His arguments were based on Quranic verses like, on one occasion, he said, “I cannot leave the Quran due to a woman.”

4. His caliphate

Regarding females from the very beginning, he said, “By Allah, if I live longer, I will not leave any widow of the people of Iraq in need of anybody else, after this year.” He RA followed the percept of equality and would not bear any form of difference. His justice remained the same in front of Muslims and non-Muslims. He did not favor Muslims rather favored justice and truth.

5. Captured hearts

His examples of justice captured hearts and minds. He ruled in favor of Jewish, even though Jewish was a non-Muslim, but Umar RA stood for truth and justice. About this decision, that Jew added, “By Allah! You governed the truth”. He RA always stood for individual freedom and also for their respect. He stated that every individual is born free, and no one should have to exploit others.

6. Just leader

He openly said, “No one will be allowed to oppress or to transgress other’s right, but I will place my cheek on the ground.” He RA was just and unbiased leader. During his reign, Islam unfolded very much not by the sword but by simplicity, openness, beauty, and leadership provided by him. He RA took the responsibility of various moral and ethical issues in that society and built a strong character.


In short, He RA set such examples of justice and truthfulness that the world can never forget. He always stood for the truth in his life. His life is a model for all of us.

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