Unity in Islam is much prevalent

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Togetherness and unity are extremely important values in Islam. Allah says in the Holy Qur’an:

“And hold fast all together by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you) and be not divided among yourselves…” (Qur’an 3:103)

We should remember that our Lord told us to stand together and not be divided. Sometimes we may find this hard because we may be in a complicated situation and therefore be unsure of what to do. It could be that someone has upset us. Whatever the scenario, we must remember that our Lord commanded us to not become divided. So, we should try to forgive each other and resolve the situation whilst seeking Allah’s help through du’aa and patience.

Allah tells us in the Holy Qur’an:

“The believers are nothing else than brothers (in Islam). So, make reconciliation between your brothers, and fear Allah, that you may receive mercy.” (Qur’an 49:10)

Our Lord is telling us that this is the nature of the relationship we must have with each other. Our Lord tells us to reconcile, so how can we take it upon ourselves to decide that we will not forgive each other? How can we come to the conclusion that we will not bother to resolve an issue that may have arisen between us? We must strive to follow the guidance of our Lord and He will reward us for our struggles and our efforts. He knows what is best for us.

We should all avoid having the attitude suggesting the belief that any one of us is better than the other. Allah created us equally, so we should be careful not to fall into arrogance and a false sense of being ‘above’ anyone else. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“You are all equal except by piety and good actions. I leave behind me two things, the Qur’an and my example, the Sunnah and if you follow these you will never go astray.” (The Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad SAW)

So, who are we to ever think we are not equal to each other? Prophet Muhammad (SAW) tells us that we are equal and that Allah judges us based on our deeds only. He (SAW) tells us that following the Qur’an and Sunnah will help us. Keeping this in mind will help us abstain from arrogance and will increase our focus on uniting ourselves. 

We should remember that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said in a hadith:

“The similitude of believers in regard to mutual love, affection, and fellow-feeling is that of one body; when any limb of it aches, the whole body aches, because of sleeplessness and fever.” (Muslim)

We should ask ourselves whether or not this is how we think. Are we really concerned about each other or are we only busy worrying about ourselves? We should care for each other in the way we would want others to care about us. If we know someone is ill or going through any other hardship, we should help them.

If someone achieves a success, we should be happy for them and make du’aa to Allah to grant them more happiness and keep them on the straight path. We should be sincere in our care for each other, so that we may please our Lord.

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