Ways To Be Spiritually Productive

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Time is wealth, which is why we are always encouraged to plan our time management wisely. Between attending to demanding day jobs and juggling relationships, it’s easy to be emotionally and physically drained. But this shouldn’t be a reason to put aside our acts of worship towards Allah SWT. We should always find ways to strengthen our relationship with the Almighty no matter how busy we get. In addition to doing the compulsory like performing salah 5 times a day, there are many ways we can stay spiritually productive even on busy days.



If you don’t already know, there are many virtues to praying sunnah prayers. Instructor of Islamic Heritage at the Faculty of Education, Kuwait and Imam of Dahiat As-Sabahiyya Mosque said that sunnah prayers bring more reward to Allah’s servant as increasing voluntary prayers is the best of supererogatory acts after Jihad in the Cause of Allah. Besides that sunnah prayers make up for any shortcomings we may unintentionally do in the obligatory prayers. There are many more benefits of sunnah prayers which you can read here. Often times we are quick to get on with our busy schedules once we are done performing the compulsory salah, but when you practice the habit of praying sunnah prayers before or after the salah, you will gain more rewards.



If you take the train or drive to work, use this time to put your device to good use and connect with Allah SWT. You can gain beneficial knowledge by listening to talks or podcasts by respected scholars or read articles related to Islam (if you’re not driving). It’s always best to be prepared so before Monday arrives, you can already select the top 5 beneficial talks you want to listen to on your way to work.




This truly is an easy way to increase our remembrance of Allah SWT. During your commute to work, or your lunch break, or perhaps even when you have some downtime during your work hours- no matter what situation you are in whether sad or happy, we should continue to praise and glorify our Creator. By doing so, we are showing our gratitude towards Him and makes us humbly realise that only He is in control of our lives. Some of the benefits of dhikr is it purifies the heart, and it works like a shield around you to protect you from harm.


There can be found in many hadiths that mentioned about the Prophet (PBUH) playing, joking and racing with his wives. He would play with the children and make them laugh. The Prophet (PBUH) was a role model as a family man so it’s no wonder the ummah is encouraged to spend quality time with family too. Sadly, in this modern age, many families only live under one roof but don’t necessarily value the concept of family time. Sit down for meals together so you can reflect on your day and maintain a healthy connection with one another. Pray together, for performing the salah collectively is encouraged.



Allocate some time in a day, perhaps half an hour or an hour to recite the Quran. When reciting the Quran, it’s beneficial to understand the verses so even if it takes you an hour to recite and understand the meaning of one verse, it’s better than reciting many surahs in fast speed without understanding anything




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