Khushu (Concentration) in Salah: How to achieve it?

Salah Contributor

No matter what you are busy with, Allah has always kept an automatic process going on among us, a heavenly process through which any person, wherever he may be, can always have a relationship with Allah. How is this possible? Yes, of course, it is possible and that is through Salah. But do not start thinking that your relationship with Allah has been established just after praying Salah. There must be a special secret element, Khushu in your Salah that will keep you connected with Allah. If that precious thing is missing, then your Salah will become a meaningless matter.

You may be standing for Salah but there is a gap. So what is that precious secret thing?

Those are successful who maintain Khushu in Salah

Allah says:

“Successful are the believers who are humble (maintain Khushu) in their prayers.” (23: 1-2)

That is to say, the secret valuable thing is ‘Khushu’. That is, Humility, concentration, obedience to Allah, uninterrupted attention, etc. are all included in the Salah. Concentrating deeply is an important part of Salah. Khushu is the state of entering the full extent in the Salah. Many times we inadvertently perform Salah as an act or habit like other deeds or habits. But we should understand the meaning of Salah and present ourselves fully in it and at the same time enjoy the conversation with Almighty Allah. It is a matter of great fortune for us that through Salah we have a conversation with our Lord!

Khushu helps the praying person to establish a deep relationship with Allah.

Ways to achieve Khushu

The following is a brief discussion of some of the ways to achieve Khushu in Salah:

1) Pay attention to what you are reciting in Salah

When reciting the Quran during Salah, pay attention to what you are reciting. Also, try to understand the meaning of the part you have recited. We need to gain proper knowledge about the instructions sent to us in the Quran. We can gain this knowledge by understanding the meaning of different verses of the Quran.

2) Think about the meaning of Surah Fatiha

At first, recite Surah Fatiha correctly. If we can recite Surah Fatiha properly in the prayer and think about it, then it fully reveals the essence of the Salah before us.
We need to be extremely aware, sincere, and attentive when we recite in Salah,

“We worship only You and seek help only from You. (So, O Lord!) Guide us to the straight path.” (1: 5-6)

In our daily lives, we make decisions about various things. Almighty Allah, the only one with full knowledge, can help us to make these decisions right.
Therefore, in the deep connection of mind and soul, we should sincerely pray to Him for our help, so that we may attain welfare in the course of life.

3) Make dua in Salah

Make dua in prostration or after Salah. Dua is our conversation with Allah through which we convey our desires to Him. It takes sincerity to present our desires to Allah, through which we can go on the path of attaining happiness.
The Prophet (SAW) said to Ibn Abbas (R), “Be aware of Allah and you will find Allah with you. When you pray for something, pray to Allah alone, and if you seek help, seek help from Allah alone.” (Tirmidhi)
So sincerely ask Allah for help to make Khushu in Salah.

4) Recite different Surahs in each prayer

Instead of reciting the same Surah repeatedly in Salah, perform the Salah in the recitation of different Surahs. The more we pray with different Surahs, the more we have the opportunity to have a new conversation with Allah.
It is through these Surahs of the Qur’an that Allah speaks to us. We should realize these with our heart, through which our communication with Allah is properly established in Salah.

5) Think of Allah as your closest

In Salah, be as close to Allah as you are to your closest friend. Rush for the Salah in the same way that you rush to tell your close friend about your day and your problems.
We find peace in our hearts by expressing our feelings to our closest friends. In the same way, we can gain peace by expressing our feelings and desires to Allah by feeling Him the closest.
Allah says, “Allah is the Guardian of those who believe. He brings them out from darkness (misguidance) to light (guidance).” (2: 257)
So pray the Salah in such a way that Allah brings you out of the darkness of all misguidance and brings you to the light of guidance and solves all the problems of your life with that light.
May Allah grant us the grace to maintain proper Khushu in Salah. Ameen.

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