What are our responsibilities after accepting Islam?

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accepting Islam
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No one’s duty ends after reciting Shahadah and conversion to Islam; On the contrary, some responsibilities began to fall on him as a Muslim. So what should we do after accepting Islam? In today’s article will discuss some of these important responsibilities.

To worship Allah alone after accepting Islam

“Your Lord has commanded that you worship none but Him.” (17:23)

Thus, acknowledging Allah as the only worshiper, worshiping Him with full devotion, and surrendering to His command in every aspect of life. The life of a Muslim is nothing but complete surrender to Allah.

Seeking knowledge after accepting Islam

In Islam, all of our actions must be based upon Islamic knowledge. So think about your path moving forward and think about each step being based upon the strong, firm, sturdy ground.

That strong, sturdy ground is knowledge. So every step that you take forward, if it’s based upon knowledge, then it will be a strong firm step. If you step forward into something weak and shaky, you might fall down. And what that translates into is that you could end up having doubts about Islam or you could end up even falling out of the fold of Islam.

So you have to move each step based on knowledge. Just now that you got into Islam, you have to continue seeking knowledge, continue your relationship with the Quran and Sunnah, and begin improving and embellishing your life with more of the actions from Islam.

Being respectful and kind to parents

“Have mercy on your parents. If one or both of them grow old in your lifetime, don’t even say ‘uff’ about them, or threaten them. Instead, talk to them politely. Be extremely humble and modest, with love for them; And say, “Our Lord, have mercy on them both, as they had mercy on me when I was a child.” (17: 23-24)

The child’s devotion to his parents is the second most important commitment of Muslims. Even if the parents are polytheists or infidels. Respect and kindness to them is not just a social responsibility for us. Rather, as Muslims, it is our religious duty and obligation.

Not wasting resources and spending resources on religious work

“Do not waste resources. Surely the squanderers are the brothers of the devil, and he is ungrateful to his Lord. (17: 26-27)

Neither wasteful nor stingy in the matter of wealth is good. Waste is inappropriate; It is also not right to be stingy. Muslims are committed to a balanced life.

In the case of earning also, you have to earn in a Halal way. And the money earned should be spent properly in the way directed by Allah. It is the most important duty of every Muslim to use his resources wisely and conscientiously.

Taking care of children

“Do not kill your children for fear of poverty; I provide for them and for you. It is a great sin to kill them.” (17:31)

In addition to recognizing the rights of parents, the rights of children should also be recognized. Children are our future. We must aim to develop our children as intelligent and morally responsible. Muslims are committed to raising them in a safe and healthy environment.

Stay away from adultery and illicit relationships

“Don’t even get close to illicit sex. Surely it is an indecency and an evil way.” (17:32)

Sexual perversion causes the greatest harm to individuals and society. Muslims are committed to a pure, socially responsible life. Islam teaches that one should not approach adultery or sexual immorality. This means adhering to the proper rules of dress for men and women, maintaining proper behavior in the mixed society, and exercising proper control over social relations and entertainment.

Fulfilling promises and commitments

“And keep your word. You will surely be asked about the promise.” (17:34)

Keeping promises and agreements is an important aspect of human life and human civilization. When promises are fulfilled, people lose confidence in each other, and then the whole society becomes weak. As a single Muslim, one must be careful to fulfill one’s promises.

Being humble and giving up arrogance

“Do not walk proudly on earth. You will never be able to tear the earth apart, nor will you ever be like a mountain in height. ” (17:38)

Leaving generosity, flexibility, and arrogance, balanced behavior is the best aspect of human behavior. The same is true of attitudes toward one another. As Muslims, we are dignified, at the same time humble. No Muslim can behave arrogantly. The ultimate praise for everything is for Allah alone and He is the One who is truly worthy of glory.

After accepting Islam, many such important responsibilities will fall on us. Only if we can fulfill these responsibilities properly we can become true Muslims.