What can we count as blessings of Allah?

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blessings of Allah
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Sometimes we feel exhausted and overwhelmed. Sometimes we feel our self on top of the world. And the next minute we feel like we are of no use. We are always worried about our future.

Let’s admire the blessings of Allah. Have you ever thought that there are billions of people in this world, why were you born? Because Allah is expecting something better from you that those billions of people were not able to do. Every human being is blessed with certain talents and we are supposed to make use of it. Allah has given us the greatest gift that is our faith in Allah and love for Him. Your faith in Allah the Almighty and positivity will make you feel satisfied. And it will also add lots of happiness to your life.

Consider your talents and admire the blessings of Allah

Many of us are lost in our problems that we forget the blessings of Allah, we forget our purpose, and we forget our talents. We do not see the abilities that Allah has granted us. Let’s train ourselves and make effort to find reasons for happiness in different aspects of our life.

Can you see with your eyes and work with your hands? Thank Allah for such blessings. If you are good at speaking and writing so it is also the blessings of Allah these skills will help you in your future. If we start thinking about our worst sides in life we will fall into deep darkness. Let’s be thankful to our creator, the ONE who blessed us with five senses and many skills. And above all Allah blessed us with the most beautiful gift of our faith in Him.

Faith is the greatest among the blessings of Allah

If we feel low, we need to remember that Allah has planted faith in our hearts. Allah has brightened our hearts with the light of love and faith in Him. Our belief in Allah is the source of joy and happiness. We can find peace and satisfaction in turning to Allah. By spreading kindness and helping others when they are in their worst, can give us real satisfaction. Contributing to our society and helping others can remove darkness from our life.

Allah is the Best listener

Whenever you are sad or depressed, you should meet Allah in your supplications. We can tell Allah about all our problems without any hesitation. Allah is waiting for our kind supplications. Allah says in Quran. “Ask me I will give you”. Ask Him to remove all darkness from your heart. Ask Him to guide you to the right path, the path that leads to the obedience of Allah and to your successful life. Sharing your problems with Allah will give you a different kind of happiness and satisfaction.

Our faith in Allah is the source of our joy and happiness

Once you find happiness in Islam, your life will become peaceful. You can easily deal with any kind of problem. Anxiety about your future will become less. You will be aware of the fact that Allah wishes ease for His believers. Observe all the beautiful blessings of Allah and admire them.

May all Muslims, all readers, and all people get real satisfaction and happiness in their life. Ameen


(Written by Sadaf Riaz)