What We Should Know About the House of Wisdom

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House of Wisdom
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The era of the Abbasid caliphate is referred to as the golden age of Islam. It was called the golden age of Islam due to extraordinary achievements in multiple fractions of life. Education was also one of them. Hence, the Abbasid caliphate did much to improve the education of people. The House of Wisdom is one of their achievements. It was an educational complex and was also considered as the general public library.

The Society of Scientists

The House of Wisdom is considered as the society of scientists. Many successful scientists from around the world used to visit the place for sharing knowledge and improving the science. Moreover, the concepts of practical work on scientific methods were their priority. Therefore, various discoveries in multiple fields were made in the House of wisdom. Hence the House of Wisdom was the society of wise people who belong to various parts of the world but came together to improve humans’ knowledge.

Translation Department

The translation department was a unique department of the House of wisdom. It lasted for more than two centuries, and it played an important role for people living in different areas. For example, the transcripts written in other languages were translated here. The translated work helped in science and other fields of life. In this way, the Greek, Roman, Persian, and many more transcripts were translated into Arabic. The Greek philosophy was also translated into Arabic. In short, this department translated many manuscripts of scholars from different languages, and it increased the knowledge of Muslim society.

Library of Multiple Civilisations

The House of Wisdom had an excellent library. Many translation scripts of work from other civilisations were translated into Arabic and stored in the library. This library played the role of key instigator in enhancing the knowledge of Muslims. The House of Wisdom collected knowledge from other civilisations, interpreted it, and improved it significantly, mainly due to the presence of this library.

Research and Development department

It is now evident that the Muslim scholars paved the way for modern science as the research carried out by Muslim scholars was quite modern and advanced. Furthermore, the Muslim scholars worked on physics, chemistry, astronomy, general science, biology, medicine, human physiology along with humans and animal diseases. Moreover, Muslim physicians were advanced enough that they developed many medicines to cure illness. Lastly, they also made new chemicals that are still used in today’s modern world.

Muslim Scientists

The Muslim scientists who worked in the House of wisdom were the best of people at that time. Their contributions to modern science and knowledge are still appreciated in many developed countries. Hence, it is clear that the House of wisdom was the jewel of Islamic history.


In conclusion, the House of Wisdom of Abbasid caliphate gave great prosperity to the Islamic caliphate. Hence, it became the reason for the development of the caliphate and its people. Furthermore, the libraries and translation centre at the House of wisdom paved the way for modern science and technology

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