What is a Hadith Qudsi? How to recognize them?

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Hadith qudsi
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The words of Allah which were not sent down as verses of the Quran, but which Allah sent to His Messenger (peace be upon him) through a dream or through inspiration in his heart, and the Messenger (peace be upon him) in his own language informed that to his Ummah are called Hadith Qudsi.

The way to recognize Hadith Qudsi

Since these hadiths are directly related to Allah, they are called Hadith Qudsi. The words of Hadith Qudsi belong to Allah, but it was narrated by the Prophet (peace be upon him) himself. On the other hand, the words and language of the verses of the Qur’an are all Allah’s.

The way to recognize hadith Qudsi is that in these hadiths the Prophet (peace be upon him) added the word “Allah says”.

Famous Hadith Qudsi

In today’s discussion, we will discuss a famous hadith Qudsi. The hadith is as follows:

Allah says,

“O My slaves, I have forbidden oppress to myself and I have forbidden to you, so do not oppress each another. O My servants, you are all misguided except those whom I guide, so seek guidance from Me. My servant all of you are hungry except for the one I feed, so you ask Me for food; Then I will feed you.

O My servants, you are all naked except the one whom I have clothed, so ask Me for clothing. O my servants, I forgive all the sins you commit night and day. So ask forgiveness of Me and I will forgive.

My servants, you can neither harm me nor benefit me. If all men and Jinn from the beginning to the end become like the most righteous among you, it will not increase my kingdom in the slightest. My servants, if all men and Jinn from the beginning to the end become like the worst of you, it will not diminish my kingdom in the least.

O My servants, if all the people and Jinn from the beginning to the end gather in one field and ask me according to their wishes and I give them all, it will not diminish my kingdom as much as the water of the sea decreases when a needle dips into the sea.” (Muslim)

Who is the oppressor?

In the above hadith, Allah forbids people to oppress one another, and in order to show how vile oppression is, He has declared oppression to be forbidden for Himself. But Allah has power over all things. No creation has the power to resist when He wants to oppress. The believer must firmly believe that Allah does not oppress anyone in the least.

Regarding the horrors of oppression, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Surely oppression will become very dark on the Day of Resurrection.”

Allah never oppresses anyone

In spite of having full power, Allah does not oppress any creation. Because oppression and justice are opposite to each other. Which is a violation of the glory of Allah Almighty. The claim of Allah’s omnipotence is that He is free from oppression. There is no need for oppression to fulfill any of His desires. Because the will of Allah is irresistible and inevitable. So, Allah does not do injustice to anyone in the least. In the Holy Quran, Allah says, “I do not do the slightest injustice to the servants.” (Quran-18:29). In another verse, Allah says,

“Allah does not want any injustice to the world.” (Quran-3: 108)

It is Haram (forbidden) to oppress each other

Allah has not only forbidden injustice to Himself only; Rather, He has forbidden oppression to one another even for His servants. As mentioned in the above hadith.

Allah says, “I destroyed those towns and their people when they were unjust.” (Quran-18:59)

The greatest sin and oppression in the world is to associate someone with the one and only Allah. Allah says, “Surely Shirk is the greatest injustice.”

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