What you must know about Salah

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Salah (prayer) is the second and important guiding principle from the Five Pillars of Islam that all Muslims are obliged to follow. Five times ablution with fresh water before each prayer acts as refresher and cleanser to mind and body. If salah is performed correctly, it helps to purify the soul of those who is arrogant and hypocritical.

Importance of Salah in daily life:

Salah is derived from an Arabic word meaning“connection”.  Hence, praying five times a day reminds us to be faithful to Allah and connect with Him for His forgiveness and guidance. It plays an essential role in contributing brotherhood across the world by its Jumma prayer and sacraments. Here everyone feels an environment of equality that strengthens their faith. It is an ideal tool for cleanliness, purity, and punctuality, which brings the blessed believer mental satisfaction and emotional fulfilment.

Effects of Salah on character:

When prayers are performed consciously and carefully five times a day, they remind us of God and Judgment Day. Thus, it keeps us from evil, restrains us from harming anyone or their property, and being unfair with anyone. We know that we are in front of Allah Almighty, the universe’s creator, during prayer time. If our mind thinks about sinning, we change it because of praying and being in front of God. In this way, it helps to purify our hearts and other parts of the body from evil feelings, bad thoughts, and wrongdoings. Praying gives a chance to realize our sins. And to repent for pardon and forgiveness to Allah. Prayer is an easy way that cultivates the love of good for others in man. It saves him from bearing grudges and egoism; source of myriad evils and human misadventures in all of life’s domains.

Physical benefits of Salah:

Moreover, the regular movement involves in Salah will help to decrease the stiffness in joints, prevent muscle injuries, and also increases the strength of the muscles to improve physical fitness. Movements in prayer like bending, kneeling, squatting, and prostrating, will help to treat and rehabilitate several diseases if done properly. If Salah is practised perfectly five times a day, it can nourish the heart, strengthen the kidney, treat impotence for men, improve the quality of sex, and genital muscle recovery.

Effects of Salah on the Muslim soul:

In this busy lifestyle, man forgets about His God and the purpose of his creation. So, to keep in touch with Allah Almighty, Fajar, Zohar, Assar, Maghrib, and Esha prayers together helps to satisfies our spiritual needs. During prayers, the Muslim puts the highest part of his body and intellectual head on to the ground and says, “How perfect is my Lord, The Highest.”

Thus, by realizing Allah’s greatness in the prayers, our soul becomes calm and satisfied. Moreover, Salah also creates humbleness, which is one of the qualities that Allah has associated with success.

In conclusion, by praying, we realize that Allah knows everything that we’ve done. Thus, Salah refrains us from shameful activities and sharpens our moral sense to make us well-behaved human beings.

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