When Luxury Meets Modesty

Style Syahirah Mokhtazar 09-Apr-2019

Diversity in fashion is always a good thing. Modest fashion has been a reality for Muslims for a long time, but over the past few years, luxury brands have realised the potential of Muslim market. Consumers have witnessed a string of high-end fashion houses turning their focus into releasing one-off collections targeted for Muslims around the world.

Most recently, American brand Michael Kors launched its very own first line of abaya and hijab. The collection is part of the brand’s SS19 Middle East edit collection, which comes out just in time for Ramadan soon.

The collection essentially includes three pieces; it’s painterly olive and white headscarf, a clean-cut long-sleeved kaftan, as well as lace-up white sneakers with the same elements that could be found on the scarf.

It’s an exciting time to witness more fashion brands offering collections for the contemporary Muslim women around the world.

Of course, Michael Kors wasn’t the first to release Muslim friendly capsule collections. Dolce & Gabbana released its first line of hijabs and abayas in 2016. The garments, although designed for modesty, still carried the Dolce & Gabbana flair, with added jewelry and black lace trims here and there. After the collection was released, it moved on to release subsequent modest collections.

Meanwhile, Oscar de La Renta created a Ramadan collection back in 2016 as well. The range of hijabs and abayas were targeted to Muslim customers in the Middle East, just like Michael Kors’ collection. Muslim women with a taste for luxury fashion were certainly overjoyed with the approach taken by high-end brands.

Al Jazeera predicts that 29% of the global population will be made up of Muslims by 2030, making it incredibly crucial for fashion brands to appeal to this demographic.

Until then, perhaps more fashion brands will shift their approach to champion diversity.