Where To Buy Instant and Pinless Hijab

Style Syahirah Mokhtazar 30-Apr-2019

Women wear the hijab as a symbol of female modesty and grace, and it’s an act of showing their obedience to Allah. Over the years since the world has witnessed the rise of modest fashion, the headscarf has become more than just a piece of cloth that covers the head. Depending on the fabric’s material, texture, colour of the hijab, the headscarf can be styled in various ways.

Nowadays, instant, pinless hijabs are great for women on the go, mothers, and travelers too. It’s becoming a favourite among Muslim women across the world, mainly for its practicality. The pinless hijab style usually gives the wearer the freedom to style it in different ways, hassle-free.

It is usually designed in such a way that the hijab encloses itself very well around the face of the person. The rest of the fabric can be styled by the wearer up to their creativity. Drape it, pin it, tuck the extra fabric into the shirt, – the possibilities are endless.

Scratching your head(scarf) over where to shop for pinless hijabs? Here are some suggestions for you.

woman in grey hijab


International hijab and clothing brand Bokitta became the first clothing brand to release its Instant Pinless Hijab which quickly gained popularity internationally. It was also granted Patent by the World Intellectualy Property Organisation (WIPO) for its pinless design.

The brand recently launched its latest addition to its collection of pinless wrapped hijab range called TAJ.

TAJ, which means crown in Arabic is an addition to Bokitta’s already established range of fully pinless wrapped hijabs. The TAJ collection comes in two lengths – where TAJ is normal, and TAJ MAXI is longer, catered to those who prefer more coverage.

The fabric is designed in plain crepe chiffon lightweight material and comes in 6 colour variants, adorned by 100% natural cotton lining.

Shop Bokitta’s pinless hijabs here: https://www.bokitta.com/

Photo credit: Courtesy of Bokitta

woman in hijab with flower pattern


This Malaysian home-grown hijab brand which offers easy, instant pinless hijabs too. Its Naura Ease Collection is perfect for women on the go. According to its website, the entire range is made from soft georgette chiffon, and its double loop instant comes with an elegant curved edge. It’s easy to iron as well! Best worn with crew neck top or inner neck.

For the upcoming Eid celebration, the brand is also releasing its TudungPeople’s Raya 2019 collection tomorrow, carrying its theme ‘Raya Reality’.

TudungPeople’s Raya 2019 collection features lounge hijabs aimed at providing stylish yet comfortable hijab options for all. Apparently, the range is ironless, pinless, easy to wear and extremely comfortable, allowing you to be feel good and be presentable, all at one.

The collection features TudungPeople’s signature floral Limited Edition Eid prints. It features bold colours and re-introduces square versions of the design.

TudungPeople is available for worldwide shipping.

Shop TudungPeople at:  https://tudungpeople.com/

Photo credit: Courtesy of TudungPeople


Based in Manchester, Instant Hijabs UK carries a wide variety of hijabs that are pinless. Its website states that the brand’s aim to provide the modern Muslim woman the option of practicality whilst protecting their modesty. In line with that, they have revolutionized the process of wearing the hijab to make it quick, simple and convenient. On their website homepage you can find about 12 different ranges that the brand has produced, such as the Full-instant Jersey Collection, the Diamond Full-instant, and the Full-instant Knitted Collection just to name a few!

The brand currently doesn’t have a physical store, but shoppers can browse through their products via its website: https://instanthijabs.co.uk/

Instant Hijabs UK offers worldwide delivery, and free delivery to the UK, regardless of size order.

Photo credit: Screenshot from instanthijabs.co.uk homepage.


If you are a fan of instant hijabs, you can also check out other brands that ship worldwide  such as:

Naelofar Hijab: https://naelofarhijab.com

dUCk scarves: https://www.fashionvalet.com/women/scarves.html?cat=2711&article_designer=526

Umma: (international deliveries only to Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia) https://umma.my/scarves