Why does Allah test his followers on Earth?

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Allah test
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Our almighty Allah, through his deep wisdom and prudence, has informed us that his followers will be tried and tested in different ways. This is because he wants us to be of strong character and morals which is pleasing to him. Therefore, it can be said that facing suffering can actually draw us near to Allah.

The Holy Quran has mentioned that Allah the Almighty has the power to do all things on earth. That he is the best creator and protector of our Ummah. But then the followers ask, why do we face pain and sufferings on the face of the earth? Especially, now in this Covid-19 pandemic situation, this question is being asked several times.

The answer is quite simple, Allah wants us to become his best followers. He wants us to become pious and righteous to heart. Hence, He tests us so that we remain true to ourselves and to ourselves.

Why does Allah decide to test us often and often?

This world is a mixed bag of places. Here we find a lot of things. We find sickness, old age, and death. We see selfishness among people. Then we see people committing sins, indulging in disloyalty and greed. People harming other people.

Similarly, we also see a lot of beauty, virtue, and piety. We experience goodness in human beings. Actually, the world has two sides to a coin. Allah wants us to understand that. Any philosophy that focuses on one aspect of creation is partially true. And partial truth is harmful. Thus, by testing our servitude Allah wants us to keep balanced and impartial.

How Allah sets the tests for us?

As true Muslims, we believe that all things are in the hands of Allah. But often, some of our faiths can be rattled during hard times. At those times we need to remind ourselves intensely that no matter what, we are believers. Thus, such hardships can be a sign of Allah’s love for the pious believer. Hence, it will strengthen our faith.

Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) has narrated,

“Great rewards come with great trials. When Allah loves a person, He tests them, and whoever accepts it attains His pleasure, whereas whoever shows discontent with it incurs His wrath.” (At-Tirmidhi)

He also said,

“A servant continues to be tested until he walks the earth without a single sin on him.” (Ahmad, Tirmidhi)

Hence, we can say that natural and personal calamities and disasters are actually the tests that Allah sets for us, only to make us strong, calmer and a true believer. These tests are the signs that Allah loves his followers. As these tests are like medicines, it definitely tastes bitter, but at the end, it heals us.

Allah loves us, thus he takes these decisions. It is said in Holy Quran,

“And if Allah were to impose blame on the people for what they have earned, He would not leave upon it [i.e., the earth] any creature. But He defers them for a specified term. And when their time comes, then indeed Allah has ever been, of His servants, Seeing.” [35:45]

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