Why should you visit the World’s first Quranic Park?

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Quranic Park

We all have been to parks, whether local, amusement, or recreational but you would have never heard of Quran Park. The aim of this new educational park is to attract non-Muslims and Muslims alike.

About the Quranic Park

The Quranic Park is located in Al-Khawaneej area. It was opened on March 30th, 2019. This 60 hectares sprawling Quranic Park invites visitors and families to learn about the miracles of Islam. This Park also has motives and symbols from the Holy book. The purpose of Quranic Park was to unite the members of all faiths and to understand the depth, beauty, and meaning of the Islamic faith.

What can you find in Quranic Park?

As mentioned in the Holy text an Islamic garden having pomegranates, figs, corn, olive, wheat and tamarind, etc will be ready for Muslims. This garden of plants will be ready for Muslims to roam around. Few of these plants will be on display for viewers in a glasshouse to make connections from Holy Quran. Additionally, the Park will also have a play area for children.

Some regional areas in the Quranic Park are meant to illustrate a few miracles in Islam. People will get surprised while walking through lights with slides and inside a cave tunnel. It will explain a few miracles and stories from the Holy Scripture. Using projector screens and holograms, this educational Park shows how the events in Islam have taken place.

Additionally, the Quranic Park contains many fountains, several bodies of water, a desert garden, solar trees, three different kinds of tracks, and an outdoor theater.

Cave of miracles inside Quranic Park

When the visitors first enter the Quranic Park they come across the miracle cave. This spectacular man-made cave is so attractive. It displays the seven miracles mentioned in Quran. It shows the parting of the sea, the miracle of Prophet Uzair (PBUH) returned alive, Prophet Musa (PBUH), and more.

There are video clips through which visitors can make their way, after every clip a guide pointing you in the right direction.

Glasshouse inside Quranic Park

The glasshouse is at the back of Quranic Park. It contains 29 trees and plants mentioned in Quran and sunnah. There is also space for people to pray and restrooms. If you want to eat something you will find a cart that will sell beverages and snacks. Apart from the cave of miracles and glasshouse, there are colorful beds of flowers and lush green lawns. Apart from these, you can watch 12 Islamic gardens.

This Park explains several stories in Islam using landscaping, geography, and ecology. This Park is meant to highlight the literary and figurative expressions and representative elements of miracles of Islam and Prophets. The Quranic Park intended to illustrate Islam’s cultural and scientific achievements with the help of technology.

The Dubai Municipality has announced at that moment that people will visit this Quranic Park free of cost.


(Written by Sadaf Riaz)