Why this is a defining moment for the Muslim world?

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Muslim world

Strange times we are living in: Muslims are asked to stay inside, avoid mosques, stay away from collective prayers and any form of public gatherings.

This may have rather dramatic and far reaching consequences for Muslims and countries with a large Muslim population.

As people are asked to stay inside, they spend more, much more time online.  This means that the biggest winners from the epidemic. As cynically as it may sound, will be Western technological behemoths like Amazon, Google, Facebook and so on. While most businesses are struggling – they are hiring.

In a world dominated by technology, Muslims can retain their religious and cultural identity only if they have a virtual world of their own. One that respects their traditions and their way of life.

The Internet, if used correctly, can produce a kind of Muslim Renaissance. Which is similar in effect to the flowering of Islamic science, culture and the community life during the Abbassid period.

If not, the Muslim world will eventually be submerged under the all-permeating Western influence. This will not happen in one day. But will certainly be the case in a matter of one or two generations.

And this is exactly what is at stake. Now, when Muslims are isolated in their homes. They are spending lots of time online, they are unwillingly and unknowingly feeding what will eventually become their greatest and the most dangerous enemy.

These are hard times indeed and for Muslims they are especially challenging: because they know that hard times are when Allah is testing us, testing our loyalty to Him, to our community and to our true selves.

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