World’s Longest Water Slide To Open In Penang, Malaysia

Seek Syahirah Mokhtazar 27-Jun-2019

Are you a fan of water slides? If you are, then you might want to purchase a ticket to Penang, Malaysia because the Escape Theme Park located on the island is going to have the world’s longest water slide!

Measuring at 1,140m long, the water slide is already 80 percent complete and is expected to be ready by August.

Fun fact: the current record holder for the longest water slide is located at a waterpark in New Jersey, measuring at 602m.

The theme park’s chief executive officer Sim Choo Kheng told Channel News Asia: “Our plan was to build a water slide which would enable visitors to view the whole park and we did not intend to break the world record. Nevertheless, I am proud of what we have achieved.

Brace yourselves because the ride will last for four minutes, as visitors will slide down from a hilltop, before splashing into the theme park’s swimming pool. How exciting!

“I am overly concerned over the environment here so we tried our best to maintain the greenery by not chopping down the trees. We reckon the slide will be the main attraction when completed,” Kheng added.

A 400m cable car connecting the foothill to the water slide will also be completed at the same time as the slide. More than just your average cable car, visitors will get to appreciate nature as it travels through the jungle.

Time to plan your next holiday to Penang, Malaysia, water park junkies!

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