X- Men: Dark Phoenix- No Fire, Only Ashes

We waited so long for this— the Dark Phoenix saga in the X-Men universe. As with all things adapted, we understand that it’s hard to cramp everything into a movie. The Dark Phoenix saga—about psychic and telekinetic hero Jean Grey turning into an omnipotent menace that’s Phoenix after a space accident has been adapted from comics into animated TV series, hinted on X-Men 2, and now it’s a full-blown movie outing on its own.

X- Men: Dark Phoenix started off promising. And then it fizzled out and died a slow death.

The movie started with a flashback, and then a space accident that sees Jean Grey absorbing a massive amount of space energy and returns home multiple times stronger. As she struggles to control her newfound power,  she hurts some people closest to her, destroys mental barricades that Professor X made for her and keeps on getting angrier and more confused.

And then there’s the D’Bari shape-shifting space alien tribe who are attracted to Jean/Phoenix’s power. Vuk (played brilliantly by Jessica Chastain), space alien tribe’s psychotic leader makes Jean belief that the power that she has can make her the greatest being in the galaxy and confusing Jean even more.

James McAvoy takes the cake in this movie as his normally trustworthy Professor X takes a turn in this movie as he’s portrayed as a manipulator and a liar. Sophie Turner’s Jean/Phoenix was just confused, angry and frustrated throughout the movie.

By the end of the last scene, we had to ask ourselves, and the people next to us, “Is that it?”

Yes the fight scenes were intense and the scoring was nice, but in terms of storyline, we wanted more. X- Men: Dark Phoenix felt like a rushed ending to the current X-men movie franchise and maybe a tad anti-climatic. Also a great waste of the wonderful pool of talents such as Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence who could’ve delivered so much more. It could’ve been a grand finale but it wasn’t. How unfortunate.