Yuna Honours Malaysian Roots in Forevermore

Los Angeles based Malaysian singer may have left her native country to spread her wings in la la land, but her love for her motherland will never fade away and her music video for her latest hit single ‘Forevermore’ proves just that.

‘Forevermore’ is taken off her soon-to-be-released 4th studio album, one that fans have been anticipating for! The single, which Yuna sang as an ode to Malaysia, starts off with a bare hum of the melody of ‘syair’ (a form of traditional Malay poetry) accompanied by a traditional Malay drum, known as the ‘kompang’ which eventually crescendos into a contemporary beat.

In a statement, Yuna said that the song described her upbringing in a small town and how that environment made her strive to be the best version of herself.

“Now that I’m in the position that I’m in, I’m able to appreciate where I come from more now than ever,” she said.

Yuna calls the music video a ‘fantastical depiction of my childhood memories’. The imagery used is quintessential scenes that shaped the singer’s life growing up in both Perlis and later Kuala Lumpur.

The stunning visuals directed by her husband Adam Sinclair shared a variation of shots that showcased her lively upbringing. Her Malaysian fans were naturally thrilled to see how she chose to honor her roots through impressive and vibrant visuals, all while looking tres chic.

“We wanted to show Malaysia in a different way – not the way that you see in travel videos. We wanted to showcase the unfiltered, quirky and raw beauty of the mundane like an old petrol station, a sundries shop in a rural village, the first national stadium (which in my opinion has the best architecture to date), the motorcycle culture that is often stigmatized by society, and older Malaysians who have seen experienced changes to their hometown throughout the years.”

Apart from the nostalgia that these images bring, Yuna insists that she wants to challenge the idea that ‘newer and bigger is better’ and serves as a reminder that “we shouldn’t forget about the simple and beautiful things in life”.

And what do you know? The singer can dance! Yuna showed some moves in the video, much to the surprise of her fans. Check out her video ‘Forevermore’ to see what we’re talking about.