Ziana Zain, Keeping it Classy & Chic

Hollywood may have Jennifer Lopez, who makes 49 look 29 but Malaysia has Ziana Zain who makes 51 look 31.

The two stars have never rubbed shoulders, but they do share a few similarities. Besides being mega force entertainers in their own right, they are also doting mothers, fashionistas, and then some.

Other than being born into a family with good genes, Ziana has made her well-being a top priority since her young days. This probably explains her age-defying beauty.

One of her supplements include consuming collagen in her 20s. Her dedication to that has definitely worked in her favour because her skin basically screams “wrinkles, who?”

Ziana is well-groomed head to toe at all times, and she presents this elegant demeanor even when she’s sitting around casually.

While most women would say they got their fashion sense from their momma, Ziana credits her father for teaching her the importance of dressing well. And boy did he start her early.

“I remember when I was 5, my father bought me my first handbag. He also bought my sisters and I a complete make-up set and a handkerchief to carry around.

“At that tender age I was taught to put on lipstick whenever I tagged along my parents for family outings.I would get a pat on the back if I manage to maintain my appearance by the end of the day.

“But as I grew older, I started to make my own choices, one which include wearing t-shirt and jeans for outings.

“My father wasn’t too happy with this (laughs). Then came the lectures on how I needed to put in more effort with my appearance. Safe to say, he’s not a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy!”

Her father’s strict rules when it came to dressing up definitely rubbed off on her until today, so best believe you won’t find her slacking off in the fashion department.


Decked in a gorgeous red ensemble paired with a satiny hijab, Ziana let out one final breathe before hitting the stage for her performance at SalamToday’s launch last week.

It’s true what they say, the butterflies still come even for someone who has been performing on stage for decades.

But in a blink of an eye, like a pro, Ziana let her stage persona take over her and off she went to greet the crowd while flashing her million dollar smile.

The crowd was immediately charmed by her aura on stage and her vibrant energy was infectious as the audience was seen grooving while she performed her hit song Satu Detik.

It’s not often fans get to witness the legendary crooner up close, so it’s hard not to be blown away by her presence.

Short and sweet, Ziana’s one-song performance was more than a treat for the audience, who were mesmerized by her voice.

It’s incredible to witness how she’s still very much influential even to the millennials.

With a sea of celebrities, there’s no one quite like Ziana who stays incredibly humble even after all these years in the spotlight.

With a personality like that, there’s no doubt she’ll continue to shine bright like a diamond, even when she’s well into her 80s.

Behind the Face of Salam

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  • Text:Syahirah Mokhtazar
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